live shows:
August 24: Cardross Estate (Scotland, UK) @ Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival
August 16: Dundee (UK) @ DCA
June 21: St Gallen (CH) @ Grabenhalle / Parkplatzfest
June 10: Glasgow (UK) @ Glad Cafe w/Tara Jane O’Neill
May 30: Glasgow (UK) TBC
May 09: Glasgow (UK) TBC
April 04: Glasgow @ Counterflows Festival w/ Maja Borg, Space Lady, Ai Aso
February 23: Glasgow @ Glad Cafe w/ Howie Reeve, Eric Boros
January 25: London @ Cafe OTO w/Tut Vu Vu, Final Five
January 18: Bruxelles (BE) @ Épaule Jeté
January 16: Copenhagen (DK) @ Drone
January 15: Berlin (DE) @ Badehaus
January 13: Prague (CZ) @ Café v lese
January 12: Vienna (AT) @ Arena w/Chevalier Avantgarde
January 10: Milano (IT) @ La Sacrestia
January 09: Faenza (IT) @ Clandestino

photo: Jonathan Clancy

photo: Jonathan Clancy

January 08: Zurich (CH) @ Zukunft
Dec 31/January 01: Glasgow @ CCA /w Stephen Pastel, Jenny Rollo, Marc Baines DJ sets


November 23: Boulogne Billancourt – Paris @ Carré Bellefeuille BBMIX festival w/Lee Renaldo

November 20: Glasgow @ CCA w/Julia Holter
November 5: Glasgow @ CCA w/Remember Remember, Mogwai DJ set
October 5: Glasgow @ Platform w/The Vaselines

September 28: Dundee @ DCA
September 7: Glasgow @ SWG3 Music Language Festival 2013
August 31: Glasgow @ Old Hairdressers “Film Noir” matinee. Set with the visuals by Natalie McGowan
August 9: Glasgow @ CCA w/Molly Nilsson, Apostille, Ubre Blanca
June 25: Glasgow @ MONO
June 22: Glasgow @ Old Hairdressers w/Leafrist, Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine
May 26: Stockholm @ Hidden Garden
May 25: Malmö @ Skånes Konstförening
May 23: Göteborg @ Stora Teatern w/Baby Dee & Little Annie
May 19: Göteborg DJ set @ Koloni
May 18: Torpåkra @ Torpåkra ljudstation
May 17: Dals Långed @ Skogsfesten
May 6: Dundee @ Soul Function Suite w/Dirty Beaches
April 26: Glasgow @ Glue Factory – Cry Parrot’s Birthday Party
April 20: Glasgow @ Monorail Glasgow (Record Store Day)

Photo: Anna Gribbe

Photo: Anna Gribbe

June 12: Dunkerque @ Port Epique Festival
June 11: Lyon @ Le Sonic w/ Idiot Glee
June 10: Nantes @ L’ivresse w/ Idiot Glee
June 9: Paris @ Point FMR w/ David Grubbs
June 8: Poitiers @ Less playboy is more Cowboy Festival
March 8: Glasgow @ Kinning Park Complex (Ladyfest)


November 9th – Chorzow @ Szuflada 15 (Ars Cameralis Festival)
November 4 – Malmo @ Singsang-Studion
November 3 – Gothenburg @ Hey it´s Enrico Pallazzo!
November 2 – Stockholm @ Under Bron
October 27 – Glasgow @ Nice N Sleazy
October 23 – Glasgow @ The Old Hairdressers w/Toutonttu & Islaja and Female Band
September 20: Glasgow @ Nice N Sleazy (Cry Parrot) – w/Amen Dunes
August 31: London @ Bethnal Green Working Mens Club (Upset The Rhythm) – w/Pheromoans
August 12: Paris @ Glazart
August 11: St. Malo “La Route Du Rock” (Imperial)
IMPERIAL // Les Femmes S’en Mêlent
March 30th: Strasbourg @ La Laiterie
March 29th: Lyon @ le Sonic
March 28th: Tours @ le Temps Machine

March 27th: Riorges @ Le grand Marais
March 26th: Marseille @ Espace Julien

March 25th: Bordeaux @ CoupDeGrace
March 24th: Nantes @ Passage Sainte Croix
March 23rd: Laval @ 6par4
March 22nd: Paris @ Point FMR
March 21st: Lorient @ le Manège

October 10: London (UK) Upset The Rhythm @ Bush Hall with Dirty Beaches. 7.30pm
September 16: Plymouth (UK) British Art Show 7 / After Show Party @ Devonport Guildhall
June 20: Brooklyn New York (US) Rooftop Films Festival
March 12: Paris (FR) @ L’International


Live performance @ Le Cagibi, Montreal, Canada, 2010

I performed in The Knitting Factory, The East Village Radio, The Stone, Pianos, Cake Shop, Eat Records, Brooklyn TECH (Rooftop Films) Silent Barn, Death By Audio, Free103 point 9, Llamo Estacado, Matchless, The Invisible Dog, Gandalf’s, Collapsable Hole, Le Grand Dakar, Zebulon, Good Bye Blue Monday (NYC), John Doe Records (Hudson, NY) Wave Farm (Catskill Mountain Park) [NY], Stereo (Glasgow, Scotland, UK), L’International (Paris, France), Double Double Land (Toronto) and Le Cagibi (Montreal)[Canada]. I was featured on EVR (NYC), Dublab (LA), WFMU (Jersey City, NJ) and Radio Junk Drawer (Portland),

Live performance @ Stereo in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2010

East Village Radio – Live Show, September 2008
Ela Orleans @ EVR – Just Music

The Stone – Live Performance with Kevin Shea, March 2009
Ela Orleans and Kevin Shea @ The Stone

photo: Scott Friedlander

With Hassle Hound I played in: UK – 13th Note, Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), Taylor John’s House (Coventry) and Leicester; Germany – Zentrale Rantlage (Berlin), Feinkost Lampe (Hanover), Westwerk, Astra Stube (Hamburg), Kunstverein (Karlsruhe), Kulturbunker (Cologne) ParisMoskau (Leipzig), MS Stubnitz (Rostock); Netherlands – WORM (Rotterdam), Extrapool (Nijmegen); Poland – Re (Krakow), CDQ (Warsaw), Firlej (Wroclaw), France – Les Instants Chavires (Paris), Centre Culturel du Crous (Reims).

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