In November, I will be working on my upcoming LP with Howie B – the musician and producer, who has worked with artists including: Björk, U2, Robbie Robertson, Elisa, Tricky, Mukul Deora and The Gift. The EP should be released in March 2015. The full length LP “Upper Hell” will be released in April 2015 on HB Recordings.

* * *
In September I composed music for the opera written and directed by Polish multimedia artist – Karolina Bregula. The project called “The Tower” (Wieza), was commissioned by the Polish Foundation – Witryna and was premiered in Warsaw Chamber Opera on 26th of September 2014.


* * *

In May, All Saints Records and WARP released a series of compilation EP’s with my remix of Laraaji‘s piece – KALIMBA on it. This is a part of the WARP’s project to reissue the catalogue of All Saints label, an imprint that has released records by the seminal names including Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Jon Hassell and Laraaji.



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