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Thurston Moore on Ela Orleans in Mojo, 2014

“I was especially taken by Ela Orleans (…) Her songs have really minimal ideas but she uses equipment to make large moves and films – her “movies for ears”. It has slight ethereal quality but they are just astounding soundscapes, though it’s her beautiful voice which galvanises the music”Thurston Moore for MOJO’s Review Of 2014 – The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year

“Ela Orleans is an exceptional artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. The Poland-raised, Glasgow-based haunt-pop diviner assimilates literature, theatre, fine art and technology into her untethered music, which navigates chanson-pop grooves, eldritch psych-rock and vintage electro” The Herald

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“…Ela Orleans is a revelation. Both utterly timeless and of the moment… Rough Trade

“…Ela Orleans makes music that sounds like it was recorded on tintype by Man Ray. Multi-layered and deeply personal, her songs create new symbols, built from prima materia…” Mishka Bloglin

“…a funereal anthem of treble and reverb which materialises in front of you like a faded postcard from a frozen tundra beyond the fiery sea- it makes us think of Nico…”20jazzfunkgreats

“…Orleans’s arrangements are lush, yet monochromatic as well; not black and white, necessarily, but a palette that revolves around only one musical hue. It’s a splendid one, though.” Dusted Magazine

“…it almost sounds like a transmission from some sort of oldies station from another dimension…” Foxy Digitalis

“…une radio magique captant les ondes hertziennes d’un autre temps, un jukebox hanté par une voix profonde et délicate …” Magic (France)

“Some may call her work difficult. But in truth, there’s nothing easier than allowing yourself to fall into its grace. She uses elements of pop, goth, new wave, and even bossa nova. Her songs no sooner slide into your consciousness then they’ve slipped their own skin. She’s really quite remarkable…”Their Bated Breath

“…The idyllic beach-house guitar conjured up an atmosphere all twilight and palm trees – a far cry from the stark onstage cluster of sampler boxes in a drafty warehouse…”Jezebel Music

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(by Barry Burns for “Setola di Maiale”).
Ela Orleans is a Polish musician now based in Brooklyn, having arrived there by way of Glasgow. She is a member of heavenly pop collagists Hassle Hound, has played with various luminaries of the New York experimental and noise scenes and is a composer for the theatre. This is her first solo album and it reflects the diversity of her collaborations and the places she has called home. Haunted by all the best musical ghosts, High Moon Low Sun paradoxically and simultaneously merges the melancholic and the joyful like the first kiss from a new lover at a rain swept funeral. This complicated loveliness has Polish fuzz blues casually mingle with the jaunty but melancholy deep-sea organ and liquid rhythm of drip-hop, and flirts charmingly with elegant European doo wop. A slow buzz, eerie rattle and violin pluck mournful reveries. Surf guitar for the ripples on the stillest, pellucid sun-dappled ponds. Ela Orleans has a unique voice, gifting us fragile harmonies which are exquisite without being sentimental. She is Moondogmatic in her intransigent commitment to producing compositions of subtlety and incongruent beauty. These are polysemous confections which make you feel that you are listening to pop music for the first time again.

(Time Out NY).
“Polish artist Ela Orleans views the world of song through a cracked lens, recycling vintage-pop samples into haunting sound assemblages…”

P. Somniferum for Foxy Digitals (22 July, 2009)
This is a dynamic, versatile, enthused and crazed subliminal music. This is not noise. This is sound which reflects life in all its varied intricacies, its beauty and despair. It’s also music which addresses music and music alone—with only musical concerns: sound, timbre, phase, voice, language. An absolute treat not to be missed, Skitter with Ela Orleans better be heard by those who care. And pay attention. Close attention.”

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