Ela with her mother in Miedzybrodzie Bialskie, Poland, 1980 – family archive


Born in 1971 in Oswiecim, Poland, Ela Orleans moved to Glasgow, Scotland in 1997 and joined collage-pop group Hassle Hound. Orleans moved to Warsaw in 2000 and began working on solo material, as well as collaborating with Marcus Schmickler and continuing to work with Hassle Hound. The band signed with Staubgold, which released Limelight Cordial in 2006, but the group dissolved in 2008, after which Staubgold posthumously released their second album, Born in a Night, in 2010.

In 2004, Orleans moved to New York, where she collaborated with various noise artists. She began releasing her solo material in 2008. Her sample-driven songs, often featuring Casio keyboards and reverb-caked vocals, recalled ghostly memories of ’50s and ’60s pop, drawing from influences ranging from Broadcast to Ethiopiques compilations to Bernard Herrmann film scores. Orleans’ first vinyl release, 2009’s Lost LP on French label La Station Radar, received acclaim from several indie music publications and independent record stores around the world. Since then Orleans has been consistently praised for her consecutive releases. In October 2013, her double album Tumult In Clouds received The Dead Albatross Music Prize voted for by the finest record shops, radio presenters, listeners, writers and record collectors from across UK and Ireland. Her tracks has been played frequently on major and independent radio stations in UK, Europe, America and Japan.

Orleans moved back to Glasgow by the end of 2011. She since toured UK and Europe, worked on several albums, soundtracks for independent films, and completed a remix of new age pioneer Laraaji for Warp.



“I was especially taken by Ela Orleans (…) Her songs have really minimal ideas but she uses equipment to make large moves and films – her “movies for ears”. It has slight ethereal quality but they are just astounding soundscapes, though it’s her beautiful voice which galvanises the music”Thurston Moore for MOJO’s Review Of 2014 – The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year

“Ela Orleans is an exceptional artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. The Poland-raised, Glasgow-based haunt-pop diviner assimilates literature, theatre, fine art and technology into her untethered music, which navigates chanson-pop grooves, eldritch psych-rock and vintage electro” The Herald





UPPER HELL (LP, CD, DL) HB Recordings


TUMULT IN CLOUDS (2LP, CD) Clan Destine Records, Parental Guidance
DE FLECHÉTTES (LP) Ela Orleans + SKITTER collaboration. Clan Destine Records


80 MINUTES OF FUNK (Cassette), Clan Destine Records
STATEMENT (LP) 4 way split with Slim Twig, Dirty Beaches and U.S. Girls. Clan Destine Records


NEO PI-R (LP, DL), Clan Destine Records
MARS IS HEAVEN (LP, DL), La Station Radar
DOUBLE FEATURE (LP), Split with Dirty Beaches. La Station Radar, Night People


LOST (LP, DL), La Station Radar


LOW SUN, HIGH MOON (CD, cassette, DL), Setola Di Maiale, Clan Destine Records

Commissions and other releases


Art Residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Sweden, to develop soundtrack for the new film by Maja Borg – MAN

Commission to create an original music and sound for the movie production of MAN by Swedish director, Maja Borg

Commission from The Glasgow Women’s Library to score the documentary MARCH produced by and directed by Anna Birch and Marisa Keating


Residency at Warsaw Chamber Opera in Warsaw, Poland to compose music for the opera written and directed by Polish multimedia artist – Karolina Bregula. The project called TOWER (WIEZA), was commissioned by the Polish Foundation – Witryna, premiered in Warsaw Chamber Opera on 26th of September 2014 and at Venice Biennale of Architecture, 2014

Residency at École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Bourges, to score original soundtrack for the feature movie ARCHITECTURE OF AN ATOM by Juliacks, premiered in January, 2015, at Moderna Museum in Malmo.

Commission to create the soundtrack for the short movie WE THE OTHERS directed by Maja Borg. The film is the co-production of Maja Borg Productions and Dazed and Confused (Dazed Digital).

WARP released the series of compilation EPs with Ela Orleans’ remix of Laraaji’s piece – KALIMBA on it. This is a part of the label’s project to reissue the catalogue of All Saints label, an imprint that has released records by the seminal names including Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Joachim Roedelius, Jon Hassell and Laraaji.


Orleans’s piece – Amsler Grid was included in “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” show at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art


Orleans started her ongoing musical collaboration with Polish TVP Kultura and National Polish TV1


Selected for the New York Foundation for the Arts Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists (mentor – Lukas Ligeti)
Selected for BMI inc. Film Scoring Mentorship Program – Composing for the Screen (mentor – David Shire)

1998 – 2008

Member of Glasgow based band Hassle Hound. The band has releases on Staubgold, Pickled Egg, Twisted Nerve and Textile Records. Tracks from their albums were selected by John Peel and presented on Radio BBC 1

National College of Fine Arts, Bielsko-Biala, Poland – Diploma, 1991
Theatre Academy, Warsaw, Poland – Masters Degree, 1997


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