A Cryptic Commission in association with Cove Park. Premieres in 2021 at Sonica Glasgow. 

L’Apparition will consider hundreds of sketches made by Gustave Moreau exploring the character of Salome, as portrayed in his painting L’Apparition. The main inspiration and starting point for this practice-based research is the investigation of music and visuals in the form of a contemporary “composed novel”, exploring syntax of found footage pattern, texture, colour, text, gesture and electroacoustic composition. The composition’s multi-layered stages will rely on methods associated with appropriation and remix, and will be informed by the work of contemporary artists such as Peter Tscherkassky, Martin Arnold and Guy Maddin. The found footage, music and sound will be treated as a path to restoration, in which alteration (including extraction, reframing and deformation) becomes a prelude to the new. Artificial intelligence will be explored as a tool to create a contemporary portrait of Salome based on the countless images of the painting published online.

For touring enquiries, please contact:  claire@cryptic.org.uk

Inspired by Heinz Emigholz​’s D’Annunzio’s Cave and following his architectural films, the work will juxtapose interiors from archival sources onto the façade of art galleries and museums. Scored for vocals, violin and octotrack.

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