The original, unexpurgated vision of Upper Hell appeared as the double album Circles of Upper and Lower Hell (on Glasgow’s Night School Records), and I was again nominated for the Dead Albatross Music Prize. The album features lyrics taken from Arthur Rimbaud, Dante‘s Divine Comedy and an early 20th-century poem by Sara Teasdale. Stephen Pastel (Stephen McRobbie) and Katrina Mitchell of The Pastels contributed vocals to the song “You Go Through Me”


The Glasgow Film Festival appointed me in January 2016 to write and perform a score for the 1929 silent film Lucky Star, directed by Frank Borzage. The Glasgow International Festival in turn commissioned me to write a score for the classic 1932 film Vampyr, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer



In May 2016  I accepted an offer of a place as a PhD research student at the Department of Music at the  University of Glasgow


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